Hall and McCaskey voted Prom King and Queen


Weatherly Hall

Weatherly Hall and Raymond McCaskey hug and celebrate after being crowned MSHS Prom King and Queen.

Serena Holvenstot, Reporter

Every senior at Manitou Springs High School patiently awaits the day when they can find out who the lucky Prom Queen and King get to be, and as the 2022 Prom came to an end, Weatherly Hall and Raymond McCaskey were crowned. 

Hall and McCaskey have been together since their freshman year, which is about 3 years now. Because of this, they had a lot of supporters and enthusiasts in the crowd. “Hearing all of my friends cheering for me and seeing my brother jump up and down in excitement was really a special moment,” Hall said. 

Many of Hall’s friends were elected to the prom court this year as well. “I thought any one of us could’ve gotten king or queen, so it was surprising when I heard my name called,” she said. “I really didn’t expect it to be honest. I was just excited to see that some of my closest friends had made Prom Court with me.”

Although the feeling of winning prom king/queen is a great feeling, there is a lot of tension that comes with being elected onto Prom Court, especially when it’s up against some of your closest friends, but Hall didn’t let her victory affect her virtue. “I think any of the other members on court, and even any of my other peers deserved this recognition; and so it is an honor to have been chosen as Prom Queen this year,” she said. “It definitely makes me feel like all of my hard work in and out of school has paid off.”

McCaskey has had many great memories from high school dances. Senior Prom to him is bittersweet. ”There were a lot of fun memories made but I’m a little sad that it’s the last,” he said. This helped him make the most of the night, and winning Prom King made it worth it. “I didn’t really expect it at all, but I was very excited. I couldn’t hold back a smile,” McCaskey said.

As our Prom Queen and King shared one of their last great memories together at MSHS, Hall became reflective. “I am so sad that this is the last high school dance, because I have enjoyed every single one that we’ve had throughout the years. I love dancing with all of my friends and I am definitely going to miss it a lot,” Hall said.