Meet the 2022 StuCo exec. board candidates


The 2022 STUCO Exec. Board Candidates, from top to bottom and left to right: Ava Christian (11), Luke Donegan (11), McKesson Rhodes (10), Kate Johnson (10), Liz Johnson (10), Emily Waite (11) and Kaley Moore (11).

Jack Embery, Editor-in-Chief

Manitou Springs High School Student Council (StuCo) will be holding its Executive Board speeches Monday, April 18 during Advisory. After their speeches, a Google Form will be sent out to the student body and staff via email to vote for desired candidates. 

Seven different students are running for four positions: Ava Christian vs. Luke Donegan for Student Body President, Kathryn (Kate) Johnson vs. Emily Waite for Student Body Vice President, McKesson Rhodes running unopposed for Secretary, and Elizabeth (Liz) Johnson vs. Kaley Moore for Treasurer. 

Below are short passages by each candidate on why they should be elected and their priorities for next year. 

Student Body President

Ava Christian

After the Mustang Strong Day, I had a chance to see the results from what the student body had said about what they loved about Manitou and what needs to change. I agreed with everything they had to say, and personally, if I were to pick just three to talk about here, I would say we need a longer lunch, Advisory needs to be moved or needs to go away completely, and there needs to be an available resource for teen mental health that is available to all students, along with integrating positive mental health strategies for students and teachers into everything we do. I’m extremely experienced in the world of student council and leadership. I have been on the class board for all three years of my high school career, and I chair two committees currently along with the other two committees I’m on and have chaired many others in my past years. I have also already been to meetings advocating for the things I listed in the previous questions (longer lunch). I also feel like I have connections with so many people in our school and community, so I want the same things that everyone else wants for their high school experience. I think my spirit animal is Scrat from Ice Age because he never stops working hard to get his acorn. One of my main goals is to make sure everyone is taken care of and gets a chance to experience high school how they’ve always wanted to because after everything everyone has been through we deserve it.

Luke Donegan

One of my goals, if elected, is to see a lot more attendance at games and events. I also want just a phenomenal amount of school pride and spirit! Some qualities that will make me a good leader are I am honest and upfront with everyone and I think I connect with a variety of students! I wish to bring spirit, happiness, and trust to the upcoming year!







Student Body Vice President

Kate Johnson

First, I want to create a better environment for learning and growth for students and staff. Second, I want to raise student and staff voices because every voice matters. And third, I want to raise participation in all activities, especially smaller clubs and athletics that do not get the attention and praise that they all deserve. I believe I am a favorable candidate to vote for because I have gone to Manitou since Kindergarten so I know the way that Manitou works and I believe that I have connections with admin and students that could help gets the goals of students, staff, and student council achieved and any problems that need to be addressed solved. An elephant because I have strong leadership qualities. My main goal is to raise student and staff voices because every voice matters, and everyone’s ideas and voice deserves a chance to be heard and appreciated. 



Emily Waite

I think the school culture is the biggest that needs to change at Manitou. Ever since COVID, Manitou has lost its school spirit, its drive, and its mustang energy. If I become student body vice president, I want to bring that back to Manitou and help bring our community come back again, and especially help our mustangs in their high school experience. I am the most experienced person running for this position. With the change in administration next year and the change in our adviser next year, the exec board needs to most experienced people in these positions to help combat these changes. If I am elected, I want everyone at Manitou to feel involved and love the manitou community. My goal is to try to help combat some of the stress that COVID has caused and bring back the Manitou spirit. 




Student Body Secretary

McKesson Rhodes

Next year, I would like to change the culture after everything that has happened this year. I think uplifting our school name is also a top priority. As a secretary, you need to be organized, on top of things, and reliable, and I feel I fit all of these qualities. My spirit animal is a chipmunk because I hold all the information, and when they need to be heard, they are heard, but otherwise, they lay low. One of my goals if I get elected is to really focus on school culture and create a positive environment for everyone.






Student Body Treasurer

Liz Johnson

I want to change how people see MSHS so that everyone is proud to call MSHS their home away from home. What makes me a favorable candidate to vote for is my involvement in the school and my devotion to making it a better place for the future. My spirit animal is a dog because of my love of food and making people smile. One of my goals is to create more service/volunteer opportunities in Manitou. My other goal is to do more fundraising events so that the student council has the ability to take on some bigger projects that will hopefully help the school or community. 





Kaley Moore

For several years everyone has been mentioning what they want to see change, what they wish would happen. Something I have had my heart set on since freshman year when joining Student Council for the first time was student participation and school pride. Just in the past year I have found myself constantly striving in leadership roles, by chairing/co-chairing three committees, going to in-state conferences to learn more ways we can make improvements, truly reaching out and going the extra mile to make sure our school staff, students, and the community gets what they need. I won’t even lie to you; I had to take a test because I had no clue what my spirit animal was. Come to find out, and I’m a crown. Funny enough, I wouldn’t have ever expected that, but it turns out it’s quite accurate. My traits are Intelligence. Mystery. Transformation. Adaptability. Magic. Prophecy. Third Eye. Psychic Abilities. While many of us see crows on a regular basis, it’s important not to take these clever beings for granted. After all, crows have much to teach us. For one, they have managed to survive and thrive in the chaotic human world, from urban environments to rural communities, when other wild animals have not. When you see a crow, think about your life and the positive changes you would like to set into motion. The crow spirit is a catalyst for positive change. The crow can see the past, present, and future – as everything is happening at once. When you ask your higher power for guidance, know that the crow spirit is on your side. Now that I have improved my abilities as a leader and expanded my knowledge of the environment Manitou holds through the past three years, I know I am more than capable of knowing just how to involve more students in feeling motivated to show up to school and support their fellow classmates. Through managing our school’s financial planning and budgets, as treasurer, I plan for us to continue planning more fun events and create a place we can all enjoy at a cost we all can afford.