Breaking News: Prom committee lowers ticket prices


Emily Waite

With lower ticket prices and options for free tickets, students who found the cost for prom tickets prohibitive may now be able to attend prom.

Emily Waite and Claire Kisielnicki

On April 11, 2022 Manitou Springs High School prom ticket prices will be officially changed to 60 dollars. 

The MSHS prom committee met on Thursday April 7 to discuss the student opinions and frustrations about the current ticket prices, referenced in Why are prom tickets so expensive? 

“We want everyone to enjoy prom even if it meant changing the ticket prices,” said Kaleena Jones (11), prom committee member.

After reevaluating the cost of the 2022 prom expenses, the prom committee decided to reduce the price back to 60 dollars and will be giving a refund to students that bought tickets at a higher price. Students who are owed a refund should expect to be contacted by Angie Glass this week. If students are not contacted, they should see Glass in the Athletic Office. 

Students also expressed frustrations about the absence of opportunity for financial support with tickets. Because of this, the prom committee has come up with several new opportunities for students to win free tickets. 

Adding on to the six free tickets from the promposal contest, there will also be raffles for upperclassmen at future school events to win tickets. 

“If there are kids that want to go to prom and do not have the finances just come directly talk to me, and we can usually work something out,” said prom coordinator Angie Glass. “It’s a case to case basis, but we do have funding for kids that need it.”