Review: Elden Ring


Julie Lavigne

Fighting the boss Stone Digger Troll is one exciting part of Elden Ring. The Troll has a really large club and is made up of rocks and boulders. The Troll is found in the Limgrave tunnels. The Troll’s weakness is holy damage.

The new game “Elden Ring” is a hit! It’s the newest game in the Dark Souls trilogy. It came out on February 25, 2022 and has just under one million players. The producers of the game really learned from the past; they took all the things the gaming community loved about the Dark Souls games and expanded it into “Elden Ring”.

At the start of the game, players have multiple classes of characters to choose to be, such as vagabond, warrior, hero, bandit, astrologer, prophet, samurai, prisoner, confessor and wretch.

The bosses are some of the hardest bosses I’ve ever fought. The game in general is one of the hardest, but it’s so hard to rage quit because of how it has me and the rest of the community hooked. In all honesty I got scared from the boss fights. Players won’t get bored because there are countless amounts of bosses and mini bosses.

Yes, there are some issues with the game, but every game has that. Players can never have a perfect game, but “Elden Ring” might be the closest to it. The graphics are so fun to look at and it’s such a good game. It’s a roleplaying game where players are in a world players have never been in. The beauty of the game doesn’t come out until players play it for the first time. There’s really no other game out there like it.

The game takes about 50 to 70 hours to complete. It’s open world and players can play with other people. “Elden Ring” isn’t one of those games players can just get the best stuff in the game. Players have to grind in order to get the best gear and weapons in the game. It’s one of the most rewarding games I’ve played. Other than the giants and other creatures the graphics look real like the grass and trees the graphics are just so eye-catching.

“Elden Ring” has a lot better graphics than the older games in the trilogy. The boss battles and world are so much better as well. Everything players do players can feel like players worked hard for and truly earned it. One of my favorite parts is that there are multiple different endings in the game.

My overall recommendation for the game would definitely be 5 stars. Players can play the game for days on end without getting bored, and it is just amazing in general.