Boys Soccer makes HISTORY


Matt Rogge

CELEBRATION ENSUES. After the fans rushed the snowy field, Varsity celebrated in the snow.

Gideon Aigner, Guest Writer

Manitou Springs High School was founded in 1938, and the first class was held in the building where the elementary school is located now. Thousands of students have walked through those doors, along with a couple hundred teachers. However, as students walked into school today, 20 entered that could say something that no other group had ever accomplished. The MSHS Boys Soccer Team won the Tri-Peaks League Championship for, not only the first time under Head Coach Ben Mack, but the first time in school history. This squad started the season with all the expectations against them, even their own, but they have ended the regular season as the most accomplished regular-season team in the 83 year history of this school. So, let us celebrate all those involved, from JV to Varsity to Coaching to the Managers. 


Andrew Rhodes (10)

Jacob White (12)

Ethan Beckum (9)

Brian Blake (12)

Gavin Smith (9)

Conner McKeown (10)

Levi Lapides (9) 

Evan Yount (9)

Kai Thomas (10)

Sean Lowe (11)

Isaiah Thomas (12)

Graham Beckum (9)

Lairden Rogge (10)

Stuart Meyers (11)

Max Goede (11)

Luke Donegan (10)

Spencer McCumber (12)

Anton Akse (11)

Colton Talbot (11)

Gavin Smith (9)

Kai Thomas (10)

Josh Patterson (9)

Bowman Hall (9)

Beck Enquist (9)

Callum Spiers (10)

Cody Wyman (9)

Jaxsen Sellers (11)

Austin Courson (9)

Jayson Saucedo (9)

Connor McKeown (10) 

Nick Schneider (9)

Connor O’Brien (11) 

Mike Vanderwerf (12)


Ben “Mack Attack” Mack

Scott Cote


Katrina Yenne (12)

Caroline Maestas (12)

Madrid Mack (10)

Erica Sherwin (10)