Spring semester goes full in person

Flor Breuer, Reporter

With the upcoming weeks leading way to full in person learning, there have been some adjustments made in order to accommodate a full school. Juniors and seniors will be coming back to full in person on the 16th of February.  Sophomores and freshmen will join them on the 22nd of February. There will now be 4 lunch blocks.  Your lunch period will depend on who your third block teacher is on that day. Students in grades 10th-12th will be allowed to walk off campus. If a student wishes to go off campus in cars, they may. However, they are limited to one person per vehicle. Freshmen are not allowed off campus. If students are found violating these privileges then the administration will close the campus.
There have been so many changes this school year, from quarantine, to hybrid, with the end goal of being all in person. Everyone has mixed feelings about the lunch schedule, but overall the student body seems to be annoyed with it. Teachers are trying to get a handle on it and make adjustments. “We have to have four lunches, and we could probably get away with three, but how do you then accommodate three into that one class?” Mr Brown questioned?  He had a lunch schedule in high school with three lunch blocks during a class period. “It’s another thing you guys are dealing with,” Mr. Brown continued, “[The] administration wants to show they are taking your safety to the highest level.”
The changes in the lunch schedule have affected many students, but for Luke Donegan (10) nothing has changed. He’s going with the flow.  Ensuring students’ safety is the main priority of the School Board right now.  According to Mr. Jeck, making adjustments is something that we are all going to have to get used to in order to keep students full in person.  With the worries of being quarantined yet again, “I think teachers have a really good understanding of what it takes to make sure that doesn’t happen,” he said.  “I feel like we need to be careful,” said Eryn Hilyard (11). Many students have expressed feelings that the new lunch schedule is “stupid.”  Marek Gould (10) feels like the lunch schedule isn’t really getting anything done. While Meg Colgan (12) feels it’s four times the amount of work for everyone: “I don’t think it’s a disruption, it’s more of an inconvenience.”  Figuring out when your lunch block is and stopping your class in the middle of a lesson is yet another thing the student body are being asked to adapt to suddenly.“I think it’s going to be very confusing for students and for teachers, but I also understand why it is necessary…we’ll be able to adapt to it,” said Mr. Mack.