Second semester motivation levels drop


Colt Henricks

One contributor to the motivation slide is screen time.

Colt Henricks, Reporter

Many Manitou Springs High School students have felt drastic shifts in their motivation during the school year. Due to the circumstances and the constant changes in scheduling, many have seen their amounts of motivation dwindle down daily. Junior Logan Smith said, “Sitting in front of the laptops screen has made me not want do any of the work for most classes, and my motivation to even attend classes online for half the week just isn’t there anymore.”

While students do get to see each other a couple of times a week due to the hybrid schedule, to a lot of students here in Manitou Springs say they still struggle to learn and many have gotten to a point where missing assignments and late work is drowning them mentally and socially. One student, who did not want to be named, said that at this point “I have almost a dozen missing or late assignments that have not been completed, and the amount of energy to complete them disappeared as now, instead of paying any attention to school, I distract myself in social media and video games.” Several other students have also said that the amount of homework they receive weekly is up from what they received in the first semester and that every time they complete one assignment there are always three more assigned. Some students have also complained that in some classes the work they get assigned during the day is due that night.  Those students said that they don’t have time to get them done and that they feel assignments should always be due the next class or later on. It seems that  motivation is very lacking for students right now. Hopefully, because it is still early in the semester, students can find a way to continually build up motivation and improve their missing work amounts.