Wrestling a way into the season


Piper Larsen

Bradyn Dowling (9) wrestles State qualifier Terry Lindh (11) at practice last week.

Jalen Lindh, Reporter

The last year has been really a tough one: putting people out of jobs, excluding people from seeing friends and family, being forced to stay inside. But finally, the new year has come, and it seems that hope of normalcy is getting stronger. We’ve made it through this far, and we can keep on pushing. And that’s exactly what the wrestling team plans on doing. 

“I hope [sports] will give kids hope and bring them outside their house to come exercise and compete with us,” Paul Bonner, coach of the wrestling team, said.  “Last year was rough and they could really use something that’ll lift their spirits.”  It’s the start of the year and wrestling is starting back up again for Manitou Springs High School.  After all the struggle of last year, sports will hopefully be back in action for the spring and summer. “I mean, yeah, there’s always that worry of someone getting Covid and then everything is shut down, but we’re taking extra measurements, so that doesn’t happen and we can keep on rolling,” Bonner said.  He is excited for this new year, and is hoping that they have a great wrestling season. The wrestling team has three State qualifiers from last year, Emmett Wolfe (12), Wesley Reeves (10), and Terry Lindh (11), returning for the season. Bonner hopes they help lead the newcomers all towards victory.  Bonner had one last thing to add, “I think this season is going to be great.”

Junior State qualifier Terry Lindh (11) wants newcomers to know “It takes a lot of hard work, y’know, it’s not as easy as it looks. You have to be willing to put in your max effort to win.”  He hopes the rest of the team train hard and ruthlessly, to be able to conquer the next opponent they may encounter. “Trust me, you may think you’re strong, and maybe you are. But there is always someone stronger than you,” Lindh said, “or not even stronger, but someone may have a better technique. So you just gotta keep improving.”  Lindh hopes that the wrestling season will last long, and hopes to avoid Covid situations all together. 

If you want to come and watch the wrestling meet, things are going to look different this year. Due to Covid, there will be only fifty people, allowed in the building and any wrestling member is only allowed to bring along two of their family members. Yes, this is somewhat a drag, but it is for the safety and protection of the wrestling team, and for the safety for others as well. However, all home meets will be live-streamed on Mustang Live Stream on Facebook for free.  Hopefully down the line, the high school will be able to bring more people into the gyms so they can all experience cheering for their family member or friend. We are coming to a close in this pandemic, and if we continue to push through, we can come out stronger than ever. Stay safe Mustangs, and don’t forget to cheer on our wrestling team!