Festive Alternatives to Traditional Trick-or-Treating

Eliana Dutil, Reporter

This year, to say the least, has been a rollercoaster. Just when things might be looking up everything seems to crash and burn. Although it is easy to feel hopelessness in all of the messes 2020 has brought, it is more important than ever to stay hopeful. In order to keep a community positive, it is key to have things to look forward to. Although much has been taken from us, something we still have are our holidays, specifically Halloween, at this time of year. The month of October is a time people gravitate towards as their favorite time of year/holiday. Festivities are always high through the fall months in preparation for the 31st. Although the pandemic we are facing has taken a lot from us, things are looking up as it seems this year’s Halloween will proceed with much celebration considering the circumstances. There isn’t a ban on Trick-or-Treating this year, but the Center for Disease Control (CDC) have set guidelines to follow if you are planning on celebrating. To minimize risk, heath officials are making the following suggestions: having adults accompany trick-or-treaters to enforce safety precautions, only trick-or-treat with people of your household, remain 6 feet apart, stay in your own neighborhood, sanitize hands, etc. Health officials also warned that wearing a protective face mask is important, but wearing a costume mask as well as a cloth face covering may make it hard to breathe. Trick-or-treating, to say it lightly, will not be as festive as previous years, but the internet is chalk full of family activities to do as a substitute. Here are just some ideas to keep you entertained during this strange time.

  • Dress up with your family and do a photoshoot
  • Visit a pumpkin patch and carve pumpkins
  • Do crafts (visit our other Halloween special article on The Prospector for some inspiration)
  • Watch Halloween movies
  • Visit a haunted house or make one in your own home
  • Play spooky board games
  • Listen to Halloween music and have a dance party
  • Make fun foods for the season
  • Dress up a pet
  • Play a spooky prank on someone