MSHS Wrestling crushes Sand Creek at Manitou Senior Night

Ben Schwartz, Photo Editor

January 29th saw the Manitou Wrestling Team dominating the duel at home against the Sand Creek Scorpions. The final team score was 42-24 with a decisive victory for the Mustangs. This win was a fitting accompaniment to the Manitou Springs Wrestling Senior Night, which recognized Manitou’s three senior wrestlers for their individual characteristics and connections to wrestling.

“It was very fun to see our seniors celebrate their last year. It was also great to see our wrestlers do so well, and bring that kind of energy. I’m really glad so many people showed up that night,” said Cami Seal (10), one of the team’s managers. Students who attended the duel also enjoyed the wrestler’s hard work, “It was really, really fun to see our wrestlers take on Sand Creek as they did,” said Sierra Dooley (11).

Out of the many wins Manitou saw that night, here are the ones that stood out:

Hunter Gilpin (12) had an extremely quick 14-second pin that won him the match and the excited cheers of the crowd. His parents were extremely proud, and it was a real treat for the crowd to see him successfully and quickly subdue his opponent during his last home wrestling meet.

Conner Dufree (10) displayed an amazing pin, his first of the season. Teammates were ecstatic as they gathered around him, patting him on the back and expressing their excitement and congratulations. Dufree has worked extremely hard this year and it was rewarding to see his spectacular and much-deserved pin.

Lukas Jacobson (10) performed an excellent pin that won him a match that tested his strength and stamina. Jacobson had an amazing recovery from a brutal crossface, which damaged his nose enough to temporarily disorientate him. Jacobson quickly shook off his pain and continued to wrestle with the energy and dedication he often displays during practice.

Seniors who were recognized at the wrestling Senior Night were Gilpin, Orion Lavigne and Ben Schwartz. Gilpin has been wrestling seven years, Lavigne two and Schwartz one. All three are dedicated to the sport and have enjoyed wrestling alongside their teammates this year. Gilpin is the team’s heavyweight and regularly dominates on the mat. Last year he placed sixth at State and the team has high hopes for his success rate in the upcoming state tournament February 2oth-22nd. Lavigne has had an eventful season between recovering from his own arm injury and ribbing his teammates. He brings dedication to the team that gives the other wrestlers a strong example of how to keep going no matter what happens, on or off the mat. Schwartz is a prime example of what can be achieved through hard work and dedication as well. Despite this being his first year of wrestling, he has shown that it doesn’t matter how late you start as long as you show how dedicated you are as a wrestler.

If the duel against Sand Creek was anything to go by, Manitou’s wrestling team can look forward to a successful record in Leagues and State, with lots of excitement. “I really enjoyed watching the Mustang Mayhem on the mats. It was obvious to all the fans that the Mustangs have a lot of fun wrestling in their home gym,” said Mr. Hull, vice-principal.