MSHS Cheer Team Takes On State


The Cheer Team executed their stunts perfectly at the State Cheer Competition, including this impressive and in-sync lift.

Mady Caywood, Senior Reporter

On Friday, December 6th, 2019, the Manitou Springs High School (MSHS) Cheer team performed at the Denver Coliseum for the State Cheer competition. The MSHS cheer team has been working for months to perfect a routine dazzling enough to try and win a State Title. For the past few years, the MSHS team has improved tremendously with many unique students coming out and becoming a part of this exciting team. Students coming from all different walks of life brings diversity and a mixture of different talents, creating a spectacular and unique team.

Atraya Christiansen (12) has been a captain of the MSHS cheer team for two years now and is a huge contribution to the success of the team. “We’ve had a great season, and over the past few years we’ve increased greatly in skill,” said Christiansen about her third time she has been to state since joining the team her sophomore year. “I was a new student in the district and wanted to build my familiarity with the high school,” said Christiansen, “Then I joined cheer, which helped build my confidence and high school experience.”

The MSHS cheer team had been working extremely hard in order to have a and solid routine prepared to perform at state, “We began practice in June this year and started to learn different stunts that eventually were used in our state routine,” Christiansen said, “The state routine was taught periodically to the team from June through December.”

Another major addition to the team is senior Brianne Anderson and captain of the MSHS cheer team for three years running. “The season this year has been unbelievable,” said Anderson, “we have accomplished so much.” Anderson and Christiansen have been an unstoppable duo that has shown leadership and grace while working hard to see results within their team and themselves, “Compared to my other years, this season has been more like a team,” Anderson said, “We all grew together and really got to know each other.”

The team went to state and left everything on the mat with a routine they had worked incredibly hard on. “State was kind of crazy, we gave our all and had a perfect routine. Due to technicalities we dropped our score and it was a frustrating way to end as a senior,” said Anderson about their placement dropping from second to seventh. “My teammates have shown dedication and grit, which led to an amazing routine that we presented on the state mat,” said Christiansen.

Both the captains have been on the team for multiple years and didn’t have enough words to describe their gratitude and appreciation for their coaches Nicole and Amber Bergen, who have made a lasting impact on the Mustang team, “The coaches have been incredible,” Anderson said, “They have really helped change the program.”

The Mustangs have had an amazing competition season and are now entering their basketball cheer season. Anderson and Christiansen have been thankful for their time as captains and have made an everlasting impact on the talented MSHS team.