Wish Upon A Star: MSHS Completes Their Wish Week

Sophia McKeown, Warhorse Editor-In-Chief

On Monday, March 4th, a long-awaited snow day kicked off Wish Week at MSHS and created a level of excitement among Mustangs that lasted all week long. Wish Week is an annual event held by Student Council in partnership with Make-A-Wish Foundation Colorado. This year, the Mustangs helped support a young kid from Colorado named Hudson who was diagnosed with Leukemia and dreams of going to Disney World, with the help of willing students and a supportive community.

Thursday’s assembly was one of the highlights of the school week when Vice Principal Jesse Hull was aggressively pied in the face by Micheal Parker (10) under the eyes of the entire student body. Not all events were as big or inclusive as the assembly, though. A reasonable amount of money was raised through small events like the annoying song which was played during passing periods, Miracle Minutes during Advisory or World Language and Culture Night, and an extended lunch period sponsored by Panda Express which donated proceeds to help grant Hudson’s wish.

Not only does this week accomplish a huge and impactful goal of sending a great kid to do something he loves, but Wish Week also brings MSHS students closer together through these acts of service and pride for their giving school. StuCo members– who were in charge of overseeing the entire Wish Week– agree that the effort put into the events is difficult work, but there is no doubt in any Mustang’s mind that all the fun and joy that comes from giving back and helping others is entirely worth it.

Caleb Rockenbach (11) particularly enjoyed Wish Week festivities. “I think the people responsible for putting [Wish Week] on were very creative… I really liked the cause and the combination of events,” Rockenbach said. The week concluded on as good of a note as it started on, with a spring dance that was “Starry Night” themed. A large sign read “WISH UPON A STAR” as students entered into the commons, followed by a Polaroid photo booth and starry lights decorating the halls. All money raised from the dance contributed to a large portion of the money for the cause, and students enjoyed a fun night of hanging out with their closest friends and dancing the night away.