School Rivals Face Off

Giulia Vidossi, Junior Reporter

On January 11th, the Manitou Boys’ Basketball team faced the St. Marys Boys’ team in a really intense game that got both student sections excited. Both teams had a large fan base at the game to cheer them on. The game was close for the whole four quarters. The Mustangs ended losing by only 4 points but they kept fighting for all the game. “It was a really good game, a lot of people stepped up, we were very competitive and the atmosphere was great,” Kainen Reed (12) said.

The Mustangs are working harder and the practices are getting more intense day by day. They are all focused on their goal: winning. “We played really good defense but they were just a really good offensive team,” Joey Allen (11) said.

Everyone was focused and played aggressive, the whole team was playing on the same page and the results were shown even though two of the Mustang starters– Grayson Bodor (11) and Rashaun Booker (11)– were out for this game.

“It was a really high scoring game,” Allen said. “We’ve been better at shooting and scoring points, we just need to not miss our free throws.” Free throws were an important part of the game, that changed the result. The Mustangs missed many free throws in decisive moments. Zach Perry Perkins (12) was the only one that made most of them. “We should’ve made our free throws,” Reed said.

The team is full of really young boys this year that are stepping up and showing their skills. The Mustangs have two freshmen– Caleb Allen (9) and Otto Landrum (9)– and three sophomores– Lars Marquardt (10), Isaiah Thomas (10) and Joah Armour (10)– that are proving themselves in the varsity team. “I don’t really feel the pressure of being one the youngest,” Thomas said. “I think that since I’m in the team, I have a role and we all come together and play as a team.”

Freshmen and seniors play together and fight for the same goal, combining energy and experience. The older Mustangs encourage the younger players to push themselves. The coaches, the players and the students all have a positive attitude and hope that this year will be the year. “Our goal this year is playing as good as possible during the playoffs and make it to state,” Avery Olson (12) said. “The next games– against Trinidad and Lamar– are pivotal to have easier games during playoffs.”