Wrestling Hosts Last Home Meet and Honors Seniors

Allie Robbins, Photo Editor

Manitou Springs High School not only hosted a quad-match–four teams going against each other– on January 25th but also recognized the seniors on the team: Manager Becca Borst, Caleb Edwards, Ceaser Sanchez and Byrd McCarley. The night started with honoring the parents and the seniors on the team.

Borst has been the wrestling manager all four years of high school and she said, “[I will] miss spending time with the wrestlers and coaches. What I’ll miss the most is probably bossing all the guys around.”

Edwards, one of the wrestlers, has a concussion so he will not be able to wrestle the rest of the season. “Wrestling is a lot of fun and I am not happy I don’t get to wrestle my last season,” said Edwards. Even though he was not able to wrestle, he was still honored as part of the team.

McCarley has been on the wrestling team throughout high school and his final goal is to make it to State for this wrestling season. Sanchez also plans on going to State. Both have been to state in past years and want to continue it for their senior season. McCarley and Sanchez are both excited to graduate but are going to miss wrestling for MSHS.

Each senior wrestler has their own signature move they like to pull out on the match. McCarley is known for his headlocks by the teammates and coaches. “When the match begins, I only think about strategies to pin my opponent and how I can win,” said McCarley.

“This is my first year wrestling for MSHS and McCarley motivated me to do my best and I am sad he won’t be on the team next year. He is one of the best wrestlers on the team and I hope to be as good as him one day,” said Grayer Whipkey (9).

Before a match, Sanchez listens to music to get him pumped up. During the match, he moves quickly and aims for the opponent’s legs. “Sanchez is hardworking and never gives up. His quickness makes him win most of his matches,” said Coach Paul Bonner

The coaches, along with the rest of their teammates, will miss them on the mats. “I have enjoyed watching them grow to be the wrestlers they are today. [Being able to see] the senior wrestlers overcome challenges, not give up, and achieve their own personal goals is something every coach wants,” said Coach Stryker Lane.

“[The senior wrestlers] are like the brothers I never had. They cheer me on and push me to do my best. They also make wrestling practice fun,” said Chloe Donegan (10), new to the team but not new to the sport. This is her first year competing on the MSHS team.

The night continued and the team had some highs and lows. The team celebrated the highs and stayed strong during the lows. “There have been some tears, but mainly laughter this season. I am proud of everyone on the team,” said Coach Bonner.