First College Signing of the Year


Giulia Vidossi

McKayla Cully (12) signs for Lander University in South Carolina.

Avery Olson , Junior Reporter

On November 14th, McKayla Cully (12) signed for volleyball at Lander University in South Carolina. “It’s basically my home away from home,” said Cully. “ I did a lot of college tours and campus visits and sent all my stuff out to the college. I worked really hard for this.”

All of Cully’s friends and family came to support this major step in her professional volleyball career and celebrate her becoming a college athlete. Since elementary school, Cully has dedicated her life to volleyball, and it’s quite fitting that she be one of the few players to have a chance to carry on her hard work and refined skills into the next level.

“I’m really excited because [my new teammates] are all just like me, it’s just a bunch of McKayla’s running around with different names,” said Cully. “I just want us to have a good relationship.”

Throughout the signing, there were plenty of smiling faces but what’s even more unique about Cully’s signing is that Lander University recruited only three students this year, and Cully still managed to earn her place on their team. “In my recruiting class of 2019, they only recruited three freshmen because the year before us they recruited nine,” said Cully. “ I really wanna go in even for just a few rotations to prove I can do it and show them my work ethic.”

Cully’s talents don’t even surmount to her positive and humble attitude, and it seems she’s ready to go. Cully is prepared and ready to go and make a difference for another team.