Girls’ Basketball Preview: Senior Girls Shoot for Captain Slot

Maya Berns, Buisness Manager

As fall sports are coming to an end, preseason for the winter sports is quickly approaching. MSHS Girls’ Basketball is one of those. Throughout the years, the girls have come in hot with their basketball skills. With Justin Armor and Amelia Schofield as the coaches, the girls are showing a great possibility for success. As preseason is in full swing, many girls are coming out to try their hand and the fast-paced game. There is typically a Varsity team, a JV team, and maybe even a C team this year. The turnout for girls is already quite large, about 30 girls; which could result in a more competitive environment for the girls during tryouts. One unique aspect of the team this year is the lack of senior players. With that being said, the two seniors that are continuing their high school basketball careers are Caileen Sienktnecht and Bridget Bodor. Both these girls are two-sport athletes for Manitou Springs High School.

As a soccer player and a basketball player, learning and succeeding in in athletics is something that has become second nature for Sienknecht. From the age of six, Sienknecht has been playing basketball both recreationally and through school. She played all through middle school and has played every year of high school. With dedication comes success, which is part of the reason that Sienknecht has been granted a spot on the Varsity team all four years of high school. With this being her final year, it is important that she makes every minute on the court count. “I am most excited to just spend time with my teammates and become a family. I am also looking forward to playing the sport I love with the people I love,” said Sienknecht. 

As a senior, it is any upperclassmen’s job to recognize where improvements could be made. “My goal for the upcoming Season is to just grow as a team and bond with the other players. I would also like to come and work hard every day and encourage the younger athletes to do so as well,” said Sienknecht. With college just around the corner, all eyes are on potential college athletes and Sienknecht is no exception. “I am not sure yet what my plans for college are but hopefully sports are in the future,” she said.

Bodor– the only other senior playing on the Varsity team– also has a lifelong passion for the sport. Bodor is no stranger to athletics, as she has been involved in team sports throughout her entire adolescence. For the past four years of high school, Bodor has been making her mark on the court in hopes to earn a spot as captain. “I do hope that I get a chance to be a captain because I really care about the sport and all the players, and I want them to develop a passion for the sport in the same way that I have,” Bodor said.

Graduating is an exciting time for all high school students, but with that comes the bittersweet feeling of knowing that sooner or later it will be time move on. With that being said, it also exaggerates the feeling of excitement for monumental moments such as a final basketball season. “I’m really excited to finish my last season playing with my friends that I’ve played with the last 4 years. I hope that we are successful in our games and that we all play together well,” Bodor said. As a potential captain for a team, it is essential that the person has an inviting, enthusiastic, passionate and positive demeanor. Bodor has an outgoing personality that allows her teammates to connect with her and really allows them to become a family.

Together, Bodor and Sienknecht have spent the past four years of high school on the basketball court and soccer field together. Aside from being teammates, the duo also has a friendship outside of athletics. The two have been friends since ninth grade and their love for basketball has only brought them closer. “It is a little strange being the only seniors because a lot of our team were seniors last year and now it’s just us two. We’ve been playing together since the 7th grade and have been best friends since 9th grade so it won’t feel like anything different than years in the past. We definitely connect super well on the basketball court and that’s the way it’s been all along,” said Bodor. Through basketball comes friendship; every year, the love the teammates acquire for one another is inspiring.

When it comes down to it, the MSHS Girls’ Basketball team has a good shot at doing great this year. Aside from having a skill set that will propel them towards big things, they are also a family which will help them achieve greatness in every way possible.