Volleyball Regionals: End of the Season for the Team

Clover Bernard, Reporter

On the evening of November 2nd, Manitou Springs High School (MSHS) hosted the Girl’s Volleyball Regionals. Winning Regionals would mean the team could compete in the State Championship. The top twelve in the RPI host Regionals and the top 32 teams go to Regionals to compete. Each hosting school gets two teams to play, and whichever team wins both games advances. MSHS hosted for Skyview Academy and Sterling. This was an important and nerve-racking day for the MSHS team.

The Team Captain, Abbie Boren (12), said, “ We fought very hard. We dug ourselves into many deep holes and came back out of them. We didn’t give up.” Each and every girl on the MSHS girls volleyball team worked impeccably hard in order to win. Unfortunately, the team ended up losing to Sterling, 2 points short in a 5 set battle. This was a heavy loss which meant the season was completely over.

After Regionals was over, Boren said, “We were both very competitive teams. Either of us could have won, so I didn’t necessarily expect to win or lose.” As the team’s season comes to a close, the underclassman wait in excitement for next season and the seniors await their futures.

Throughout the season, it was clear that each player belonged together on the team. They became one big family throughout the season, making them united and stronger as one. This unity is what allowed the team to be so successful throughout the season.