Emotional Senior Night for MSHS Girls’ Volleyball Team

Clover Bernard, Reporter

On the evening of Thursday, October 4 friends, family, and students gathered in the Manitou Springs High School (MSHS) gym to support the Girls’ Volleyball Team. Everyone came out for the team’s last home game of the season. This was a very important night for the seniors because it was their last home game of their high school volleyball career and they were recognized for their hard work and determination at “Senior Night”.

The bleachers were filled with excited fans and each senior was escorted by their parents onto the court. To show how proud they were, each parent gifted flowers to their daughters. The players then walked across the court to hug their coach– Jane Squires– and to say thank you for everything she has done. Then, the girls were directed to stand side by side with their parents in the middle of the court for the crowd to see them. This traditional night meant a lot to the players, such as Kylie Middleton (12).

Middleton said, “This ceremony made me feel loved and appreciated. It also made me very sad because it’s my last year.” Although this is their last home volleyball game at MSHS, these girls won’t let their volleyball legacy end. “I believe that this is my last year playing volleyball, but I hope to come back to Manitou and help with future teams,” said Middleton.

Many tears were shed for these senior players during this bittersweet moment. Parents were filled with joy and happiness as they watched their daughters gain recognition for all their hard work. Very long hours and endless hard work was put into each and every girls’ volleyball career, and this moment made them feel proud of themselves. After the ceremony ended, the whole volleyball team came together as one and took home the victory against Buena Vista.