M-Term Classes Offered in Many Subjects


Spencer Briggs-Hale, Reporter

Coming up soon is M-Term, a day where students get to choose what to learn. There are new M-Terms being offered, such as Skiing. At this point, M-Terms, new and old, deserve to be highlighted. Programing, Jewelry Making and Job Shadowing are all M-Terms that the student body may want to learn more about, and perhaps they they will want to take one of the following next year.


One of the most technologically-advanced M-Terms is Video Game Programing. In this class, students get an intro into the life of a programer. They use a professional game development software called Game Maker to learn the logical rules that dictate programing. More advanced students will write lines of code, while those who are new will use a drag and drop interface.

This M -Term is an intro to Steve Blocher’s Programing class. Blocker said, “Programming is one of the most sought after skill sets, and it is going to become moreso. There is programming in almost everything. As we become more technologically advanced, there is more of a need for software engineers.” In short, this M-Term is an opportunity for students who have no experience programming to give it shot.

if( Interested In Programming ==  True )


CallFunction( LookIntoThisM-Term );


Jewelry Making:

Jewelry making in a M-Term in which the students will be using metal crafting tools to bend metal and glass to shape small pieces of art. They will make jewelry pieces such as earrings and necklaces.  Erin Kosinski, MSHS art teacher and leader of the jewelers-making M-Term, said that the coolest thing her students will be doing is Enameling, or fusing glass to metal. She hopes that her students will, “walk away with confidence working with new tools, and excitement for our up and coming Metals course. I also hope they walk away with a piece of art they are proud of.

There are several more M-Terms this year, from hiking Barr Trail to Arts and Crafts.