Review: “Wild World” by Bastille

Review: Wild World by Bastille

On September 9th, 2016, Bastille released their new album, “Wild World”. Bastille is described as a British indie pop band. Before “Wild World”, they had four other albums, “Bad Blood”, “VS. (Other People’s heartache)”,” Other People’s Heartache”, and “Other People’s Heartache pt. 2.”. “Pompeii” from Bad Blood IS currently their top song, followed by “Good Grief”, my favorite.

The album is a variety of fast-paced songs, such as “Good Grief” and “Warmth”, and slower songs such as “Two Evils” and “Oil On The Water”. There are also song that start off slow then speed up, such as “An Act of Kindness”.

The album seems to be about a break up. Some of the lyrics from “Good Grief” are,  “Every second of every hour I miss you, I miss you, I miss you more. Every stumble each misfire I miss you, I miss you, I miss you more.”

In “The Currents”, the lyrics are, “I’m swimming up to the surface I’m coming up for air ’cause you make me feel nervous I need to clear my head I can’t believe my ears I don’t want to believe my ears I’m swimming up to the surface I’m coming up for air.” This means that they just broke up and he doesn’t want to believe it.

In “An Act of Kindness”, the lyrics are, “Oh I, got this feeling this will shake me up and down Oh I, kind of hoping this will turn me around and now I follows me around every day.” He is very sad about everything that happened and can’t shake it. He is reliving those times that we’re happy but now looking back he see how stupid they were at the time.

I feel like the album could have changed a bit more from song to song. In general it is a very good album filled with great music from an awesome band. Out of the 14 songs my favorites are “Good Grief” (1), “Send them off!” (8) and “The Currents” (2). I like them all, but those are the ones that stand out to me. The one song out of the whole album that I don’t really like is” Winter of Our Youth” because it’s too slow-paced.