StuCo Opens Leadership Conference to Student Body


There is still room for students at the Manitou Springs Student Council Leadership Lock-In. The event will be held at Manitou Springs High School, on April 19th – 20th. For those who attend, there will be a dance, a guest speaker, multiple leadership classes, team building activities, and free food.

Alice Van Derveer and Catherine Steinbach, the chairs of this event, say, “We expect there to be about 50 to 75 attendees.”

The goal of the event is to provide MSHS students the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience in leadership in a fun and engaging environment. The guest speaker will be Dr. Roberta Krauss, a licensed psychologist who specializes in early childhood development.

This event is strictly for Manitou Springs High School students only. Admission fee is two non-perishable food items. Students who want to attend or have questions should contact Alice Van Derveer or Catherine Steinbach.

By Prescott Chambers