Mustangs Win Out in Game Against Faith Christian

Mo Heinger and Becca Heiniger

The Manitou Springs High School varsity football team competed against the Faith Christian Academy varsity football team at home on Friday, Sept. 16. Not long after the game’s start, the Mustangs had earned seven points. This touchdown was scored by Davyn Adamscheck (12) within the first ten minutes of the game. As the game continued, the Eagles saw just what the Mustang defense was capable and they didn’t see the end zone for nearly two quarters because of it.

The half continued with another Mustang touchdown that was scored, once again, by Adamscheck. It seemed like the Mustangs would end the half with a shutout and a fourteen point lead, but then the Faith Christian Eagles scored a touchdown 2.2 seconds before the buzzer signalled the end of the first half. Going into halftime, the Mustang players and coaching staff saw that they needed to discuss a game plan in order to stop the Eagles’ momentum in its tracks.

Faith Christian’s motivation picked up in the third quarter after they scored a last-minute touchdown in the first half. Key Mustang defensive players Atticus Fredrickson (12) and Julian Sanchez (12) kept the Eagles’ at bay. Alternatively, the efforts made by offensive players like Cole Sienknecht (11), Bryce Coop (12), and Davyn Adamscheck (12) made it hard for Faith Christian to make a comeback. Despite the Eagles’ efforts, the combined actions of the Mustang offense and defense made it so the score would remain the same throughout the third quarter.

The final quarter of the game brought about one more touchdown for the Eagles as well as one for the Mustangs, bringing the score to 21-14 in favor of the Mustangs. As the clock ticked down, efforts by both teams were made to adjust the scoreboard. However, just as the statistics predicted, the Mustangs won the game. This game continued Manitou’s undefeated streak and lead them to be ranked second overall in the Tri-Peaks League. In comparison, the Faith Christian’s football team has yet to win a game and they are ranked nineteenth in their own league.

Adamscheck scored all of the touchdowns of the game, two in the first half and the last near the end of the game. He said, “I just got good blocking and was put into good situations to score.” According to Adamscheck, the efforts of the offensive line and the backs were key to scoring touchdowns during this game.

After the game, returning players Fredrickson, Adamscheck and Coop also had some takeaways. Although he was happy with the win, Fredrickson said, “I think we could’ve put a bit more points on the board, and kept a bit more points off.” Coop spoke about how proud he was of the team. “We’re really having a lot of fun this year, and we’re really just getting out and working hard,” he said. Adamscheck said, “I love this year’s team. We all like to be out there and respect one another.The coaching staff this year makes it fun to come out and play everyday. We know we can have a good time with every one of our coaches.”