Hillywood Show Reaches for Hollywood Once Again

Hillywood Show Reaches for Hollywood Once Again

Sabrina Randolph, Reporter

After years of fantasizing about it, months planning it and 14 days shooting it — a production record for “The Hillywood Show” — Hannah and Hilly Hindi posted their “Supernatural” parody video and watched to see how fans would receive it. Four days later, they earned four million views. “It’s crazy how quickly it happened. Our fan base has been very supportive. We are extremely blessed,” Hindi said.

In an age when people can easily show their talents through outlets such as YouTube, the Hillywood Sisters added themselves to the mix. Through “The Hillywood Show,” the duo makes parody videos of their favorite films and TV shows through a song and dance. In 2009, the show developed a following after their “Twilight” parody videos, moving onto much bigger shows such as “The Walking Dead” and “Doctor Who”. They have even tapped into the communities and gathered volunteers to help out with their shooting. When they started doing videos of the CW show “The Vampire Dairies,” they attracted another group of fans, which resulted in making another highly interesting parody: the hit TV series “Sherlock”.

Their YouTube page has more than one million subscribers.  While most productions are a mix between Hannah and Hillary Hindi’s direction, they usually have Hillary acting for the camera. In an interview with Hillary Hindi about the “Supernatural” parody: “Three hours of shooting for a seven minute video.”, while she and Hannah had both played in that particular job.

For 2016, the Hindis are seeking funding for their next ideas, which will cost about $25,000. They are happily taking suggestions for new parodies in their comments section. Being part-time dance instructors, Hannah and Hillary have raised about $10,000 of their goal.

Hannah and Hilary Hindi play to keep going with their maximum parody strength, to hopefully spread even farther across the Internet and YouTube.