Manitou Triumphs Over DHPS Scorpions, Maintains Undefeated Streak in League

Aubrey Hall, Photography Editor

Going into the game against the Delores Huerta Scorpions on Friday, February 12, Manitou’s boys’ varsity basketball team had not lost a game in two months. This was a streak that they have since continued to maintain.

The evening got off to an exciting start after Lucas Rodholm (11) made a slam dunk within the first minute, a precursor to a game in which Manitou seemed nearly untouchable. By the end of the second quarter, Manitou was ahead by 17 points, a lead that increased exponentially as the night went on.

The game seemed to be a pleasing one for most Manitou fans, possibly interrupted only by the apparent brief injury of Davyn Adamscheck (11) several minutes into the third quarter, as he could be seen limping off of the court, only to return minutes later to finish out the game.

When the game had ended, Manitou was leading Delores Huerta by 45 points, with the final score being 82 to 37, Manitou. The team is now maintaining a 14-game winning streak as they head into next week’s game against the CSCS Lions, and the season draws to a close.

After this additional victory, Manitou’s boys’ varsity team is ranked first in the 3A Tri-Peaks League, and third overall among class 3A teams, just behind the DSST Raptors and the DSTS Knights.