Boys’ Basketball Successful in Rival Game

Sage Stevens, Reporter

The game against Manitou Springs High School’s rivals, St. Mary’s, on Tuesday, February 9, ended with a win for the Mustangs. The boys’ varsity team won against St. Mary’s 43 to 35. The boys’ team holds a record of 15 wins to one loss, with 13 wins in a row. The St. Mary’s game was highly anticipated, with the Pirates holding a close 3A rank within the Tri-Peaks league. Prior to the game, St. Mary’s had a record of 8 wins to 2 losses.

The atmosphere of the audience was energetic. Both Manitou and St. Mary’s spectators attended to support their teams. The stands on both sides of the gym were full, and a crowd of spectators from each team stood. Additionally, with performances from the pep band and cheerleaders, the Manitou student body supported the varsity team’s victory.

Coach Vecchio believed that the team played a strong game, and consistently matched the efforts made by St. Mary’s. A solid defense was a major component to the varsity team victory. Overall, the team did not perform as well on the offense, but played well enough to win, according to Vecchio. He credits the atmosphere as a contributor to the win.