Girls’ Basketball Beats St. Mary’s in Rival Game


Kaitlyn Davidson

Maddie Frahm (11) and Brooke Garrettson (12) reinforce the defensive side of the game.

Kaitlyn Davidson, Reporter


Tensions were high on court as the undefeated teams prepared to play and the crowd packed the stands. Both teams had their reputations and rankings on the line and the pressure was apparent during warmups. The manitou girls didn’t shy away from the fierce competition and instead dealt with this rival by sinking 3’s and layups, giving them a strong lead from the beginning. By half time, the Mustangs had almost doubled the Pirates score, 41 to 19.

Halftime was in full swing as the cheerleaders performed immersive stunts, the band played energetically , and one of the star players on the team, Shelby Megyeri (11), won the 50/50 drawing held by the Key Club. But just as fast as the first half flew by, the second started.

Despite the huge lead the Mustangs held, they didn’t relent from the Pirates, and controlled the game. Offensively the girls took risky shots, yielding big rewards, and defensively halted advances from the opposing team to score. The final score, 53 to 31, shocked many, who assumed the game would be very close.

Some can accredit the victory to roaring crowd, the hours of practice or the brilliant coaching, but in the end the girls perseverance and determination to win lead to the satisfying win over a talented team like St. Mary’s. After the game, Shelby Megyeri signed autographs from adoring middle school fans, who were impressed by her great performance.