Girls’ Cross Country Qualifies for State

Ashley Rodriguez , Senior Reporter

The cross country team ran Regionals at Pueblo this week.

The girls got third place at Regionals, qualifying them for state for the second year in a row. Jen Cole (11) was ecstatic about getting state.

The girls’ team ran exceptionally well, even though most of the team is injured or sick. They ran their hardest and finally got what they’ve been training for all year. Their training and hard work paid off.

Most of the team got close to their PR, and will hopefully beat that record. Most of the team beat their previous course record by minutes. Jen Cole (11), Naomi Stevens (11), and Brooklyn Mack (10) all finished seconds away from each other. Mack finished the race with a time of 22.04, Cole finished with 22.13, Stevens finished with a time of 22.38, and Kaitlyn Davidson (10) got 23.10.

The boys’ team also did well at Regionals. Most of the team beat their old course record, but were not able to PR. They didn’t make state, but they worked hard to get where they are now. Most broke the 20-minute barrier. At the last race, they all broke 20 and got their PR for the season. Bryce Vanderveer (11), being the first on the boys’ team to break 18 since 2013, got a time of 17.43. Jared Keul (11) finished the season with a time of 18.14, Hunter Sherraden’s (11) PR was 19.35.

The State course will be at bear creek on Saturday, October 31.