Review: Intoxicating Jams

Review: Intoxicating Jams

Connor Cupit, Reporter

Max Frost’s recently-released EP, “Intoxication” is a pleasant surprise. It is the first material he has released since the 2013 album, “Low High Low”, which features catchy beats like the hit, “White Lies”. Intoxication is more of the same with percussion, guitar, electronic beats, and catchy vocals. The mix of blues, hip hop, and alternative indie is refreshing in this still up-and-coming artist’s music.

Frosts stated that, when he was first getting into the business of music, that he likes to “Mix modern rhythms with classic tones,” which is one of the more noticeable aspects of his music. If you’ve come to this album, however, looking for something new from the artist, it might disappoint. Most, if not all, of the music is reminiscent of the artist’s previous work, sometimes in tone, lyrics or rhythm.

The pacing of the EP can range from fast to slow. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  This is the genius of “Intoxication”, because the E.P is edited down to a near-perfect, albeit abnormal, pace. Fans of Max Frost’s hit “White Lies” will thoroughly enjoy this album, especially the song “Withdrawal”, with its pleasing pacing, rhythm and lyrics.

Frost’s use of lyrics in his music at times can be genius, using the beats to bring more of an impact to the emotions surrounding his words.

There are only six tracks to the E.P, hopefully with an album coming out later this year.

Intoxication was released on Friday, September 25th, 2015.