Manitou Soccer Team Faces Loss of the Field


Staff, Staff

The Manitou Springs High school soccer game was scheduled to play at home against Lamar Tuesday. However, the soccer game was cancelled due to inclement weather.

Although they didn’t play, Manitou lost off the field. Three Manitou varsity starters were suspended for undisclosed reasons.

The players’ names were not given out, but the impact of their loss will be felt.

Even though the team took a blow, they still look forward as senior Josh Elkington’s 8 goals and 3 assists lead the team along with the leadership abilities of Chad Forsett (12).

The team is still optimistic and hopes for state.

Another starter, Ted Weiss (11) is out for an undetermined time with a broken arm.

It’s not the first time that something like this has happened to the soccer team. During the 2012-2013 season, 3-4 players were suspended according to Athletic Director John Mcgee.

During that season, the team felt the absence of key players; however, the team managed a 6-9 wins to loss and a 2-3 record in league play.

Manitou plays Vanguard on Thursday. They might’ve lost some key players, but that doesn’t mean that the team lost its fight.