Colorado GSTAs Talk Long-Term Goals Over Ice Cream

Aubrey Hall, Photography Editor

Though Manitou’s GSTA (Gay Straight Trans* Alliance) has appeared to have struggled in past years in terms of setting long-term goals and developing plans of action, a clear sense of purpose is present within the organization this year. No better has this been exemplified than at this year’s annual ice cream social, which was held on Friday, September 25 in the media center of the high school.

GSTA/GSA members from schools in surrounding areas came together to eat ice cream, socialize, and talk about what they, as school organizations, were currently working on. At one point, 55 participants representing seven area school, sat together and shared their connections to the GSTA community.

The atmosphere of the social was similar to that of Friday GSTA meetings: conversations being held throughout the room, occasionally interrupted by someone shouting, “Order in the gay!” when an announcement was to be made.

This quickly changed when GSTA president Wyatt Fries (12) announced MSHS GSTA’s long-term goal this year: to raise as much money as possible for an LGBTQ+ inclusive homeless shelter in the Colorado Springs area, which happens to be owned by the mother of an MSHS GSTA member.

Once the announcement had been made, the room once again descended into chaos, with improv games lead by Hannah Kimmett (12) and Samantha Bishop (12) to finish out the night.

This was the second year that Cheyenne Mountain, Doherty, Palmer, Coronado and Rampart sent representatives. New to the social was a representative from Widefield.