Manitou’s Student Council and the Students Who Lead It

James Kilroy, Reporter

Behind every dance or event that Manitou students attend, or posters and decorations line in the hallway, there is one committee that is behind it all. Student Council, a group of elected students, controls extra-curricular activities and puts together events for the school’s enjoyment.

The group is maintained by the school’s French teacher, Mrs. Stoneback. Student council members come in a variety of grades freshman through senior. Every year the school elects new members that must fill the positions of president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer for each grade. These positions are known as the class board.

There is also another board known as the executive board. The Executive Board is the group that makes the final decision in anything and maintains the student council group. It is comprised of the Student Body President, Student Body Vice President, Student Body Secretary, and Student Body Treasurer. The executive board this year is filled by Carter Sandras (12) as President, Leland Spangler (12) as Vice President, Daniela Pinto (12) as Secretary, and Sophia Ives (11) as the Treasurer.

Each executive board member has their own responsibilities that they’re assigned to. The President is in charge of planning the dates for events and showing off school spirit. The Vice President is in charge of planning the events themselves and all assemblies.

The Secretary is in charge of advertisement, such as all the posters and paintings that you see at school everyday. They are also in charge of keeping an agenda for the student council meetings and keeping minutes. The Treasurer is in charge of counting all of the funds and setting up fundraisers.

With all of these jobs put together, student council makes Manitou’s events and dances possible.