Fall Sports Preview: Manitou Cheer Continues to Thrive

Ted Weiss

Over the last four years, Manitou’s cheerleaders have had what is arguably their greatest stint in the history of the program, winning first place at state in the 3A category two years in a row in 2011 and 2012, and placing second in 2013. Manitou cheer’s five seniors, four-year cheerleaders Brianna Griffin and Susannah Robbins, look to continue this streak by winning state this year.

In an interview with the Prospector, Robbins said, “(Cheer) really brought up my confidence, and I will always thank cheer for that because I used to be a really shy person.” Cheer has given Robbins more than just confidence, though; she is now a two-time state champion and a runner up, one of five seniors in the state of Colorado that can say that, including making All-State and Tri-Peaks cheer leagues her sophomore and junior years. Cheerleading is an “art” according to Robbins, and just as in art, everyone makes a mistake now and then. Cheerleaders sometimes make mistakes, but whether it’s a split or a fall, Robin believes in “getting back up and doing the stunt over and over again until you get it right”.

When asked what her favorite cheer memory was, Griffin told the Prospector, “(My favorite memory) is probably the first time I’ve ever been on a competition with the nine mats, and you have the adrenaline rush and you know that you have to trust everyone around you”. Her goals for this season are, “Coming together as a team and becoming stronger than we have ever been before, and I believe that we definitely are there to make it to state and possibly win”. Griffin has only won state once and got second last year, but hopes that she can win another and end her high school career on a good note.

The cheerleaders’ success has come despite having a coaching staff that has changed three times in the last four years. According to Griffin and Robbins, it’s not easy changing coaches because each coach has a very different way of doing things, but over the past four years Manitou cheerleaders have remained as a family and continue being united as a team.

The cheer team hopes not only for a good season and a continuation of their winning streak, but also to become stronger as a team and a family.