Fall Sports Preview: Cross Country’s Optimistic Outlook

Ted Weiss

Although the Manitou Boys Cross Country team lost its highest-placing runner last year, Marcus Rodholm, two other runners have stepped up to fill the gap that was left last year, Senior Sam Weiss and Sophomore Jared Keul.

Senior Sam Weiss has two goals for his last season on the boys cross country team. The first is for the whole team to qualify for state, which hasn’t happened for nineteen years, but Weiss remains optimistic that the team can accomplish his goal. His other goal is to have fun this season – his view is that if you don’t enjoy something, there’s little point to doing it.  As Weiss’s cross country career dwindles down to its last season, he wants to leave behind a legacy of setting a good example for freshman by working hard and showing a lot of dedication towards the sport. When asked about what impact he’d like to leave once he graduates, Weiss said, “I would just like to set a good example for a freshman and hope that they lead well when I leave.”

Then there’s sophomore Jared Keul. Keul made the transition from soccer to cross country this year. Last year Keul played goalie for the junior varsity soccer team and started most of the games, but this year he made an unexpected switch. When asked why he said that it was mainly due to the fact that he felt that cross country would help him improve more in track and basketball. “They help each other because the long distance running and cross country can support your track by increasing your endurance, which is very helpful…… It’ll also help with moving your feet a lot faster and ultimately running faster.”

The cross country team looks forward to a very good season, filled with optimism and positive vibes as teammates begin clicking and getting to the form that’ll help them reach Weiss’s goals for the boys to qualify for state for the first time in nineteen years, but also for the team to finish their races with smiles.