Frustrations about parking rise at Manitou Springs High School


Claire Kisielnicki

Manitou Springs High School parking lot filled with student and staff vehicles.

Colt Henricks, Reporter

During the school week in the morning, both students and teachers alike go through the constant struggles of finding a parking spot at Manitou Springs High School.

Many students and staff agree that there are not enough parking spots available in the morning, and for those who have a late start, the frustration of finding a parking spot gets even worse.

“No matter what day it is, whether or not I have an early or late arrival in the morning, parking is always a pain,” said senior Luke Grieb. Grieb, who has a late start on his A days, said, “On my A days, I have to pray for a parking spot; and sometimes, I find myself being late to my class.”

Some individual drivers have also noted that many people have had awful parking jobs recently, whether that is crooked parking jobs or just people taking up more than one parking spot.

“The amount of times this year that I have parked next to someone crooked over the line has been ridiculous,” Dallen Alexander (12) said.

To combat the issue, many students have started parking alongside the road on the hill. Some have begun to create their very own parking spots. “If there is no parking, what am I going to do? Not park somewhere?” said Zion Harris (12).

While the school has issued warnings to specific individuals, most threats are taken lightly; and the illegal parking jobs have continued. Davis Mack (12) has also had many issues with the parking lot. “I get to school a couple of minutes before the bell rings and it is very hard and a lot of the student drivers don’t pay attention to their surroundings so when they open a door I feel nervous that they are going to hit my car and leave a scratch or dent,” Mack said.

School projects have impacted the parking lot as well. The house building project for construction has taken up about half a dozen usable parking spaces making parking even tighter.

As the problem with the parking lot increases day by day, some have expressed their ideas to improve it for now and the future.

Mr. Housley, a history teacher here at MSHS said,  “There definitely are not enough parking spots. I think we should consider numbering parking spots and allowing students who have a parking pass to choose a spot. That would probably be a good start to helping the parking situation, and for those students who do not have a parking pass, it would give them a good initiative to get one.”

Manitou Springs High School parking lot filled with student and staff vehicles. (Claire Kisielnicki)