Conrad joins the MSHS family

During the Coronavirus Pandemic, Manitou Springs High School went through the 2019-2020 school year without a vice principal. This school year, Anna Conrad stepped in to fill this position.


Emily Waite

Anna Conrad practices her serve as she helps coach at a Manitou Springs volleyball practice.

While Conrad is new to Manitou Springs School District, she is not new to the education field. For six years, Conrad taught English and Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID), a college and career readiness class. For the past two years, Conrad has been an Instructional Coach at Harrison High School. “In addition [to teaching], I was coaching Varsity Volleyball, being the faculty sponsor for Junior Student Government, and being the Prom Coordinator,” Conrad said.

Since Conrad was involved in the volleyball program at her last school, she is excited to have the opportunity to help coach some of the practices for the volleyball team at MSHS. “My favorite memory at Manitou so far has been helping out with volleyball practices! I am so thankful to the athletes and coaches for welcoming me and making me feel so included!” Conrad said.

Cameron Jones, Athletic Director, said, “I had the honor of being on the interviewing committee for Conrad. She has a good energy to her, she knew her stuff and she had a good presence to her that would be a great fit at MSHS.” Jones also appreciated Conrad’s background in athletics. He said, “People with an athletic background often make strong leaders and Ms. Conrad definitely has those qualities.”

Not only did the interviewing committee think Conrad was a good fit for MSHS, but she thought Manitou was a perfect fit for her. Conrad said, “I love the emphasis on community and relationships here at Manitou! I am inspired by the way that wellness is cultivated for students and staff alike.”

Conrad has been working in her new position for five weeks, and she has already begun to make an impact on students. Camden Seal, senior at MSHS, said, “Whenever Mrs. Conrad sees me, she always says hello and makes sure to ask about my life. She makes an effort to actually get to the students.”

Conrad is excited to get to know each individual at MSHS and make an impact. She said, “My most important goal at Manitou is to build deep relationships with students, staff, and community members.” In addition to helping the students grow, Conrad said, “I am also excited to work with this team and in turn strengthen my own skills as a teacher and principal.”