2020 is in the past can 2021 be heroic?

Colt Henricks, Reporter

Oh how 2020 goes school is out back to bed no cares in the world.

Time to sign up for those tougher classes school will be in person junior year. 


Well time to get a job make some money be productive buy that new PC you’ve always wanted.

School will be online for now welp that’s ok I was just about to make a sandwich.


We will be going in person hooray oh shoot now I am quarantined two weeks wasted well now the school is officially quarantined time to sit in bed and wait for teachers to finish speaking.


My video game skills have improved day by day ruining the brain with those gunshots and noises.


Alone with my thoughts drifting in space I know Covid will leave someday.


Come again another day. 


As I struggle in my head to keep these thoughts from turning loud I hope I just keep my 2.6 GPA.


Another day of house life.  Will I ever not have to wear a mask to see the smiles of others? 


Oh I hope someday there will be another news story that doesn’t revolve around Covid but instead another depressing subject.


Now it is semester two. How long will school be intact?


Can I make it another day of work and voices?


Can I keep my life on track? 


2021 please be golden for I don’t know how long I can keep solid.



I wrote this poem because it tells what 2020 has endured for me and so many others. From last school year signing up for AP classes thinking that we’d be in building to in the summer time getting a good summer and part time school job to enduring half a year of online learning. At last it is now Spring Break. I just hope that our in person learning resumes normally.