Paige Harrison (11), Guest Contributor

Because you’re a flower, that’s why

Throughout a lifetime of words,

Many conversations,

Numerous times I have asked

The most simply complex

Question, why?

And whether this is about

A person moment

Or why the world spins,

It always comes back to one answer,

“Because you’re a flower, that’s why”

Because you are a flower,

Although, the simplicity of this

Seems slim to none,

Its simple.

You ask me why times are so rough,

The only answer I have is,

Because you are a flower, that’s why.

This certainly didn’t answer your question

It was hard looking in your eyes,

Your eyes filled with oceans upon oceans,

Ones could so easily get lost in,

Though, I did try to explain.

“Dear, you are a flower.

You are tired,

Slowly wilting.

But, you are a flower regardless.

The sun doesn’t shine as bright lately,

And the rain has been coming down harder.

Poor little flower.

How are you still alive, Darling?

You haven’t come up for air in so long.”

She didn’t respond.

She couldn’t respond.

She was cold, and drowning

In what was supposed to

Keep her alive.

She was trapped in the things giving

Her reason to live.

I spoke a few last words to her,

Before going back

To my own life,

Because afterall,

I am a flower as well.

She began wilting quicker,

“My little flower,

You will grow again,

The sun will shine again,

It will warm your soul and

Make you glow

Once again.

You will come up for a breath of air

And in that,

My beautiful flower,

The rain will stop.

You’ll become a flower once again.


The world doesn’t stop spinning,

Just because your roots are being ripped out.

But, my dear,

You don’t quit.

Because you are a flower, that’s why.”

I wrote this poem because I have always had a connection to flowers, I’m not sure why, but in this poem, both flowers are the same person, and their two moods/thoughts. It’s basically a poem that I wrote in order to show that we are the creator of our own reality, and that we all have hard times, but we’re all in control of our own happiness, despite the inevitable and hurt.