Finally, Cheer is back

Jack Embery, Reporter

After a long wait and anticipation from all the student-athletes at Manitou Springs High School, the B Season sports began Monday, January 18th. Cheer was one of those. “Typically by this time of the school year, we have completed our fall cheer season where we cheer at football, volleyball, and soccer games. In addition to sideline cheer, we would have also completed our competition season with state being in December,”Coach Bergen explained. “Although we were able to participate in some preseason practices over the summer, we have not been able to practice since the beginning of October. We are excited that within the next couple of months we will be able to participate in sideline spirit for basketball and wrestling while preparing for competitions. Even though this year has been different than the past, we continue to improve our technique, crowd leading abilities, and complexity of stunts.”

Since Cheer is off to a late start, there are still concerns from both coaches and students. Cheer Captain Emily Combs (12) said, “I was super worried. We usually start in May and State is in December, but this year, we start in January and state is in March.” Although, after they started practice students said that it was not as hard as they anticipated and that it came back to them.

Manitou Springs Athletic Director Cameron Jones shared how not only the students and coaches will be protected this season, but also the spectators. For all sports, masks are required to be worn by coaches and spectators. Most likely Cheer participants will have to wear a mask while performing for their safety along with the safety of others around them. When it comes to watching Cheer, only two parents per athlete will be allowed to physically watch the game at Manitou sports events. Sadly, parents of Cheer participants will not be able to watch as CSHAA and State guidelines limit the number of people inside. But, anybody can watch the games because they will be broadcasted on a website called Pixellot, although you will need to pay a fee or subscription to view the games. No matter whether you play sports or simply enjoy them,  all Mustangs are excited to have them started again. Students and coaches are thankful that Cheer is being returned but there are still a lot of unknowns. State is planned but could always be canceled, which is on the minds of the Cheer team, as that is something they look forward to. Students are thankful for the opportunity to Cheer and are just taking it one day at a time.