A Fun Halloween Movie Night

Colt Henricks, Reporter

Halloween, a much loved holiday in Manitous Springs, is tomorrow. Covid has changed a lot of activities for high school students;  and while many may not be able to go out in scary costumes and trick or treat or go to parties, most have the ability to binge watch Halloween movies on Hulu and Netflix. I asked our student body to give their favorite movie based on a list of seven movies including Beetlejuice, Friday the 13th, The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Silence of the Lambs, The Shining, Get Out, and Hocus Pocus.  After looking at the results, 33.7 percent of the students who answered the survey reported that The Nightmare Before Christmas was their favorite movie while 28.9 percent of the people reported Hocus Pocus to be their favorite Halloween movie out of the 166 that answered the survey. 

Colt Henricks

The Nightmare Before Christmas follows the animated story of Jack Skellington who is the King of Halloween Town, and every year Jack does his traditional scare on the residents of his town.  But in a series of events,  he discovers Christmas Town by opening a door into another holiday. The Nightmare Before Christmas is both a cheery movie that teaches a good lesson and a good family movie for all ages.

 To enjoy the viewing experience of The Nightmare Before Christmas you can either stay home and warm up and watch on platforms such as Disney Plus and Hulu, or you can travel to several movie theaters in the Colorado Springs area and view. If you choose to travel to a movie theatre to view The Nightmare before Christmas, Cinemark Tinseltown will be playing it tomorrow at 3:05pm and again at 8:00pm, Cinemark Carefree Circle at 3:40pm, and AMC Chapel Hills 13 at 8:00pm tonight and 8:20pm Saturday.  While Covid has limited our ability to enjoy the classic holiday, it has allowed us to watch our favorite Halloween movies with our families and friends or by ourselves. So get ready for those classic Halloween scares, kick back, and enjoy.