Girls’ Basketball Banquet Ends the Season

Aniah Olosn, Senior Reporter

The Manitou Spring’s High School Girls’ Basketball held their end of season basketball banquet at the Crystal Park Cantina, which their Head Coach– Justin Armour– owns. The girls and their families gathered with the coaches to enjoy this end of season event.

The banquet began by sharing some food and desserts. After food and dessert, the coaches took the floor to present awards. The Junior Varsity coaches– Amy Schofield and Jessie Black– alternated while presenting awards to the JV girls. The coaches shared memories from previous years up until now and added some critiques that could be worked on for the next season.

Varsity Coach Armour called up Varsity players and said a piece for each girl. Armour handed each Varsity player a pin for lettering. When players letter, they receive a pin for every year. For some girls– such as Alexia Vigil (9) and Abigail Parker (9)– it was their first time lettering. Those first-timers received an actual letter for their jacket along with the pin. Justin was also sure to mention injured players that didn’t get to play but still maintained to support the other players: Ashlyn Tompson (9) and Sara Welch (11).

Coach Armour then continued with recognizing Tri-Peaks League players, honorable mentions, and CHSAA mentions. Girls that were recognized for Tri-Peaks League included Varsity players Aniah Olson (11), Bridget Bodor (12) and Caileen Sienknecht (12). Those who received honorable mentions for Academic All-State were Sienknecht, Bodor, Welch, Teagan Nevada (11), and Giulia Vidossi (12).  Sienknecht was the only one to receive CHSAA Player of the State.

After each girl received an award and some words of wisdom from their coaches, the seniors handed out coaches gifts before receiving their senior gifts from the younger girls. The girls also handed out a gift to our Athletic Trainer– Nick Nunley– in recognition of his contributions to the team this season. Nunley always deals with injury and rehabilitation, but this season was a difficult one, for both boys and girls struggled with a high amount of injury. Not only did Nunley hold responsibility for getting those players up and ready to play again, but he also holds a lot of wise words to help these players with their confidence and overall game. To end this reuniting event, players exchanged pictures and hugs before departing.