The Superior Sport: Skiing vs. Snowboarding

Samuel Richardson and Lance Warner

Colorado is home to a section of the most beautiful mountain range in all of North America. Snowsports are a significant part of the culture around the region, which makes residents question which style is superior. They’re multiple factors that make both skiing and snowboarding unique. Reasons such as price, availability, progression, skill and influence are all variables when deciding for yourself.

Kristopher Hill (10) is trained in both sports. Starting at the young age of 7, Hill has been advancing his future in both trades. Back then, Hill wasn’t too fond of either sport. “My dad always made me go but after a while, I started to enjoy the sport,” said Hill. Even though he skis too, snowboarding is his true passion, as he does it every chance he gets. “Skiing comes easier to me and other normal people, but
snowboarding takes time and is easier to master,” said Hill.

Phoenix Stogdill (11), has been snowboarding since he was six years old. “I don’t really have the time to shred anymore, unfortunately, but I still love the sport. I always preferred snowboarding because that’s what my dad does,” said Stogdill. “I always admired this one snowboarder in the terrain park as a role model. This guy was insane. He was like sixteen and drove up every weekend by himself. He always got like fourteen feet of air and he would teach me some stuff at the terrain park.”

After losing interest in the sport, Stogdill started skateboarding. “Snowboarding those years prior really helped my balance for skating,” said Stogdill.

Teá Santos (12) has a history with both sports; however, she prefers skiing over boarding. Starting at age fourteen, Santos got curious about skiing because she originally snowboarded. After renting skis so she didn’t have to spend a tremendous amount of money to buy them, she fell in love with the sport. “Sadly, I don’t go as much as I want. I just go when my friends take me,” Santos said. “Transportation is the main issue for skiers and snowboarders because each mountain is over two to three hours out.”

Rental packages in ski towns such as Breckenridge offer equipment to be used daily, and then returned without damage. Packages vary store to store but average around $30-50 for a day. Having such high rental prices entices riders to buy their own gear, so which is cheaper? Skiing involves extra equipment such as mountable boots, bindings and poles, which makes snowboarding a more surpassable forefront for newcomers.

The fact that skiing has been around for over a century longer than snowboarding comes with many long-lasting biases towards snowboarders. Many resorts banned snowboarding, claiming that the style was disruptive and dangerous to everyone. However, with technological advances came safer regulations. The snowsports coexist synonymously, however, some mountains are still exclusive to only skiers, so the biases still live on.

Currently, they’re only three mountains in the United States holding the prejudice against snowboarders. Fortunately, none of these resorts are in Colorado, so boarders such as Hill won’t miss out.