Freshman Basketball Player Takes On Varsity Responsibilities

Kayla Hendricks, Junior Reporter

Who would have thought a freshman would start on varsity? As the basketball season came around Alexia Vigil (9) worked her hardest to become a better basketball player. Due to her hard work during the offseason and playing year-round basketball, she captured a spot on the varsity team and on starting five.

“I felt really happy because I felt like I belong on the team and I can do a lot more than I would have,” said Vigil after an intriguing game and big win over Ellicot on January 12. Vigil averaged a total of nineteen points at the end of the game, also being the top scorer at halftime. 

Although Vigil is one of the best players on Varsity, she does face challenges. Vigil is a freshman taking on upperclassmen. Vigil is quick on her feet and can read the players and the ball very well. Vigil is very happy about her accomplishment because she is one of the youngest players on the team and she is still able to keep up with juniors and seniors.

“We all have good times together and we all know how to laugh together,” Vigil said. However, the team is very serious when needed. Vigil fit right into the group of girls she plays with. The team all together is speedy, mentally and physically strong, and most importantly they all work together.

Even though Vigil has a spot of the starting five, she still needs to work hard and prove she belongs there and she can handle the pressure of bigger, taller, and older girls. Vigil is a hardworking underdog and she’s ready to put up a fight. “They’re my speed and I’m able to keep up with them.”