Forensics Hosts a Meet Against Fifteen Schools

Riley Cluxton, Senior Reporter

On Tuesday, the Manitou Springs High School (MSHS) Forensics Team participated in the Student Congress meet against 15 other schools. Forensics is described as the art of public speaking, often involving practices, sub-branches or categories that each member of the forensics team chooses before the official meet.

Gideon Aigner (9) clarifies the building and preparation for a meet: “So you get the topics about a week earlier. We split all of the topics up between the members of the forensics team. Then we research our topic.” Before the matches, the media center was gradually filled with high school students of all grades and backgrounds dressed in suits and fine apparel. The area was filled with conversation and connections between school students and peers. 142 students from El Paso and Teller County met in the Media Center to debate and speak on bills presented to them in front of a panel of judges. Manitou’s team this year is comprised of two underclassmen and two upperclassmen. The topics that were debated over included polygamy and race. “One of [the topics] was whether or not to eliminate race as a deciding factor in college admissions. One was to give currently residing immigrants purple cards in order to get jobs. Another was whether or not polygamous marriages should be legal,” said Aigner.

“St. Mary’s and Manitou aren’t rivals because we actually have the same coach,” Taylor Knight (11) explained of Mr. Borst, the Forensics coach. “Discovery Canyon is more of a rival if anyone else because they have such a large school and team. Typically Forensics can prepare you for the business world,” said Taylor. The session was divided between two time periods: the initial speeches and discussions on the topics and the debates.

Because there are only four team members, Gideon hopes that more will join next year so that the club can grow. “Probably ten (more members). Between eight and ten.” Although our MSHS team didn’t get any awards, they still have upcoming meets. If you would like to join Forensics, contact Mr. Borst. Practices are Wednesdays in Mrs. Nagel’s room.