Editorial: Top 4 Summer Trips in Colorado


Chloe Cupit, Reporter

It’s almost summer, now it is time to start looking for the best and cheapest places for vacation. These are some of the best places to go to during the summer for cheap.

The good place to visit for little to no money is the Rocky Mountain National Forest. It is in Divide, and there are 415 miles to be explored. Some places to go to in the park are the Old Ridge Road and the Old Fall River Road. The different roads take deep into the beautiful landscape. Visitors can either hike or drive through them. Or, for more of a risk, the Keyhole Route is an option. This holds places for vertical rock climbing and it goes up the park’s tallest mountain: Loges Peak. This place is great for camping and just a beautiful place to be.

The Royal Gorge Bridge, a large park with a giant bridge going over the Arkansas river, is another great place to visit for cheap. It is located near Cañon City and reaching a height 1,053 feet. This is a fantastic place to visit with friends or family. Visitors not only see the bridge, but a whole area of history and fun rides. The bridge was first built on June 5, 1929. This is the place to go for basic summer fun.

The commonly known Elitch Gardens is another great place to visit. The amusement park might cost a little more than other vacationing sites, but it is worth it. This place is where fun is made. There are many different rides, such as water slides. This year, they have added new additions to the park. One new ride is a giant swing that lifts up over 17 floors and swings over 50 miles per hour. There are many different kinds of rides for all ages and people to enjoy.

Similar to Eliches, the Great Wolf Lodge is a hotel and indoor waterpark. It is a cool place to stay or go to on a rainy day, especially because of its proximity to Manitou. There are four different water slides, a wave pool, a water play ground and a baby area. The Great Wolf Lodge includes other activities as well, such as mini golfing, a small bowling ally and a climbing area. It also has several different shops, restaurants and activities. It’s a great place to stay and have fun.

I can personally say that all of these places are great for summer. I highly recommend these places for a bored summer day, or time off during vacation.