The Art of an Art Show


Spencer Briggs-Hale

Matt Rivera’s pieces, “Paint the World” and “Out of this World,” were both done with oil pastel.

Spencer Briggs-Hale, Reporter

The Manitou Art Show, which started on Friday and will go for for the next week, displayed student artwork and creativity. As visitors walk in, they are greeted by Bob Ross. The student’s art work is set to the backdrop of the Garden of the Gods that is seen through the window. This lets the audience look at the subject matter of some of the landscape paintings. The different mediums let some students show off their talents. There were multiple different types of art expressed, such as hand crafted wood items, paintings and drawings.

Mr. Bonner, and art teacher at Manitou, said that the art show was tradition. He and Ms. Gosinski were handed the responsibility from their presider. Mr. Bonner said that this was his fourth year, and Ms. Gosinski’s second. The show is done to show student accomplishments. “This year was really good. We had more art work then we had in the past. We got a really good variety from the whole year, from both my classes and Ms. Gosinski’s, ” said Mr. Bonner.

The audience was encouraged to wander around the show, dividers making sure that there was never too many people in one place at the same time. From space to space, the paintings and drawings had their chance to shine. One of the best parts of the show was seeing the reactions of students, staff and parents. It was a great way for people to be exposed to the art of their peers.

One senior in particular had some pieces that stood out. Matt Rivera’s (12) artwork were hanging, technicolored pieces.

Seniors were not the only class to put up a good show, however. Jensen Delius’s (11) paintings showed off her talent. They created a connection with the audience and used a variety of mediums.

Hors d’oeuvres were provided to the audience, encouraging people to stay awhile. While people walked and ate, they pondered over what sculpture or picture to vote for. At the end of the evening people turned in their ballots. However, the winner is still to be determined as the show is still up. People are free to stop by the SILC building and vote for their favorite art all week, until the art teacher, Ms. Gocinski, decides to close it.