Sign of Oppression

You know that new policy that requires one to obtain a signature of admission to a given destination during advisee? The one that stipulates to get where one needs to go, one must have said signature from the location before one can even be granted access to go there. I just love that one.

I appreciate the position the faculty was in when crafting this policy, which is why it is so very important that this rule remains and is upheld. We can not very well allow some troublesome students to roam free among the halls for the few minutes they would not exploit in the first place.  This signature policy should be headed if not just to keep a few kids from lazing about the halls, even if it is to the detriment of students trying to learn and better the school system itself.

This new advisory policy was just beautifully crafted. It ensures that those who actually have to go to a class for help can get a signature from a teacher during their class, then return in advisee. Whereas those who need to go elsewhere, such as to roam the halls–or maybe to go to the office or a teachers room that they do not take a class with–will be easily restricted by the fact they do not have time to get a signature from a location out of their routine schedule. Their only chance to get permission would be during the very advisee they seek to use, yet can not leave.

It is great, really, because not only does it inhibit the students who simply want to skip advisee to mess around, but also those students who don’t actually need help from a teacher. A majority of those hindered by this policy fall into the latter persuasion; they don’t actually need help from a teacher during advisee. They however, are the students who are helping the teachers i.e., the club leaders, mentors, tutors, event organizers, and people with small bladders. Okay, well maybe not that last one, but even so, it is nice to know that we can easily restrain those who need to use the rest room.

But thats all well and good. Now that people can not get out of advisee, they just use class time to go get permission from another teacher to finish what need be done. Don’t be mistaken, it does happen. And I would say that it has just vastly improved the system, because now class time can be used to complete tasks rather that advisee.

Once again another brilliant policy has been put into effect that will streamline the system and meet with the staffs educational goals. Even so, the administration is still not reaching its full potential, I suggest they ought to start granting signatures of approval to eat lunch.

By Jon Harmor