Sleepswithbears Plays for a Lost Friend

Music both conjures and portrays a plethora of emotions for both the artist and the audience. This time, music will sound for a dear friend. This Friday, the 19th at 7:30, the local band Sleepswithbears will be the headline band at the Black Sheep’s memorial concert dedicated to Kaleb Mize.

“This show is in memory of Kaleb; Sleepswithbears is for Kaleb,” says the band’s bassist and MSHS student, Josh Twomey. Sleepswithbears will be playing alongside Omnyn as well as two other bands.

The band Sleepswithbears itself is comprised of Aaron Clark and Ian Mcleod on guitar, Josh Twomey on bass, Austin Miller on drums, and Phoenix Avaro and Mason Maclovin on vocals. They will be playing six songs, one of which is original, while the other five were some of Kaleb’s favorites.

This will be Sleepswithbears’ first concert as a group, and as the headline band to boot. The band got this great opportunity and chance to honor Kaleb through one of its connections. Tickets are $7 at the door.

By Jonathan Harmor