Padlocked Lockers for High School


A new policy will require all lockers to have a school provided lock placed on them.

Lizzy Anderson, Senior Reporter

During the week of October 19, locks will be placed on all student lockers.

Over the last few years, administration and staff has been looking for new efficient ways to improve the safety of Manitou students. The goal of the locks is to improve the safety for student’s possessions.

Although the school has never provided locks for the hallway lockers, locks were previously offered for athletic lockers.

The locks will be combination padlocks. If the locks are not properly locked, the student will be called into the office and given a reminder to lock their lockers. If the lock is misplaced or lost, the student will be responsible for paying for a replacement.

Advisors will be given the assigned combinations during the week of October 19. All non-school provided locks will need to be removed on October 23. All locks that aren’t removed will be removed by Administration.

On the morning of October 24, all Manitou Springs High School lockers will have the school provided locks.