Powderpuff? More like Power-puff!

Aubrey Hall and Meghann Root

After a few previous practices and a brief rainstorm, the freshman/junior Powderpuff team faced off against a team of Manitou’s sophomores and seniors. There was a fair amount of trash talk happening on the field, fueled primarily by the tongue-in-cheek announcing of Student Body Vice President Leland Spangler (12) and Mr. Hilt. The girls’ coaches were members of our very own Manitou Mustangs varsity and junior varsity football teams.

The game began with an incredibly long coin toss. After that, the sophomore/senior girls introduced the crowd to their inspiring chant, “kill someone.” Ten seconds into the game the freshman/junior team scored a touchdown. After an upperclassmen versus lowerclassmen boys dance-off at halftime, the game started-up again. Once the fourth quarter rolled around, the freshmen and juniors were ahead by eighteen points, and the sophomores and seniors had yet to score. Then, at the very last second, ninety-nine points were added to the board as points that the sophomore and senior girls had “scored”. In short, it was fun continuation of a Mustangs tradition, and one that is sure to continue for years to come.