Notes From the Nook Episode 2: Obscure Instruments

Notes From the Nook Episode 2: Obscure Instruments

Max Jonas Knaver, Writer

February 20, 2015

This week on Notes From the Nook, unknown instruments are the topic at hand. The roundtable this episode features Tim Hilt, Brandon Fisher, and Abbi Chapman, as well as your hosts Max Jonas Knaver and Aidan Epstein. Stream the episode below via Soundcloud.   ...

Notes from the Nook: Episode 1 – Musical Authorities

Notes from the Nook: Episode 1 - Musical Authorities

Max Jonas Knaver, Reporter

February 13, 2015

Anyone can critique music. So what gives someone the credibility and expertise necessary to be called a musical authority? In this inaugural episode of a series of music-related podcasts directly from the Media Center's own Sound Nook studio, Aidan Epstein and Max Jonas Knaver discuss this question...

Powderpuff? More like Power-puff!

The final score of the game is 9/11 grade: 18 and 10/12 grade: 99 with a few tweaks by the commentators.

Aubrey Hall and Meghann Root

September 17, 2014

After a few previous practices and a brief rainstorm, the freshman/junior Powderpuff team faced off against a team of Manitou's sophomores and seniors. There was a fair amount of trash talk happening on the field, fueled primarily by the tongue-in-cheek announcing of Student Body Vice President Leland...

Harvey the Turtle: Full of Rage

Harvey is a curmudgeonly  little fellow, hissing aggressively whenever Hilt picks him up to transport him around the room.

Chase Howard

September 4, 2014

    With the beginning of the school year rolling in, there are many new changes that have gone into effect. As a handful of you may have seen, Mr. Hilt has a new and interesting little addition to his classroom - a turtle named Harvey. Harvey is quite the big addition, as Hilt has...

iPads see varied classroom usage

iPads see varied classroom usage

September 26, 2012

Manitou Springs School District 14 is the first public school in the country to give iPads to every one of its students. However, all of the teachers in the high school aren’t in agreement on the usefulness of the new technology. Brian Brown was one of three teachers to use iPads last year. “I find [iPads] to be very helpful to myself and my students,” said Brown. “We spend about sixty percent of c...

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